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Your beard growth journey is a process. Check out these frequently asked questions to help you along the way. For in depth videos on all your beard questions, check out our playlist.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a lightweight serum that contains a mixture of natural oils and antioxidants to lessen irritation, promote a healthy beard/skin, improve luster, and fight beardruff. 

How often should I wash my beard?

Once a week with the appropriate cleansing beard wash. Over washing diminishes the amount of natural oils and sebum that is needed to maintain healthy beards and leads to dry, unruly, and dull beards.  

What is a beard moisturizer?

Beard moisturizers are utilized to hydrate, soften and provide moisture to one’s beard. Our proprietary beard moisturizer includes ingredients that promote strand elasticity, manageability, and moisture retention. 

What is beard balm?

Beard balm is a multipurpose styling tool that is utilized to moisturize and condition beards. Our beard balm helps to tame beard hairs and assist in every day styling of ones beard.

How to deal with a patchy beard?

Your beard journey is a process; overall health, diet and water intake all contribute to the health and density of your beard/ hair growth. There are several ways to address a patchy beard. Bearded men can utilize different styling methods to reduce the appearance of a patchy beard. Additionally, using thicker oils and creams can give the appearance of having a thicker healthier beard. 

What is a beard co-wash?

The term co-wash is derived from the words “conditioning” and “washing”. Co-wash is utilized as an alternative to standard shampoo. Studies have shown excessive use of shampoo can strip hair of vital moisture, cause breakage and flaking of the scalp. Beard conditioner mixed with water can be utilized as a co-wash. This should be done as an effort to minimize the effects of over washing. Beard co-wash will help in the detangling process, maintain moisture retention in-between washes, and reduce breakage. 

What is a beard detox?

A beard detox is a multipurpose deep cleansing and detoxifying mask that aids in improving moisture retention by extracting impurities and toxins from the hair and skin.

What direction should I comb or pick my beard?

For medium to long beards, begin massaging leave-in conditioner and/or serum into hair and scalp to start the detangling process. Afterwards, hair can be combed or picked in any direction. The direction of combing or picking should be conducted at the discretion of the user. This is based solely on the style and preference desired. 

Can I use the BMGD products on a gray beard?

Yes, graying beards tend to feel dryer and loose elasticity. Our beard kits can help put your beard back on track by replenishing moisture and conditioning beard strands no matter the age.

How to reduce beard breakage?

Beard hair, while still being coarse and kinky, has low resistance to many things that you may be doing regularly. Avoid excessive combing, especially while dry. Keep beard hair moisturized by applying a balm or conditioner at least twice a day; once in the morning and again at night and reduce the amount of heat exposure from styling tools.

Does stress affect my beard growth?

Consistently high levels of stress can contribute to hair loss. When the body is stressed it releases a chemical named cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone created in the adrenal glands. High cortisol levels constrict blood vessels, which reduce nutrient absorption that which aid in the growth of hair follicles.

What do I need to eat?

A well balanced diet will not only promote healthy skin and blood flow, but contribute to a healthier beard. Hair and skin issues may arise from a deficiency or excess of certain nutrients and vitamins. Fresh fruits and vegetables high in minerals and vitamins, along with adequate water intake can provide the body with needed nutrients and rid the body of toxins. Trace minerals such as zinc, biotin, magnesium and iron influence hair growth. With that being stated, introducing vitamins/ supplements into one’s diet can support beard and hair growth. 

Can you provide a beard routine?

Begin washing your beard with a formulated beard wash. Massage product thoroughly to get rid of buildup. Rinse and pat dry with terry cloth or t-shirt. Moisturize after washing with a beard leave in conditioner. Apply a beard balm to seal in the moisture and reduce damage from environmental factors. Finish the process by gently combing through beard with beard comb or pick. 

Do these products make my hair grow?

Our products along with consistent care and taking care of your body from the inside out will assist in your beard journey. Both help to maintain moisture, length retention, and tackle a multitude of problems from beardruff to patchy beards.

Does shaving help my beard grow back faster and thicker?

Shaving does not spur beard growth, nor does it promote thicker hair. It has been proven in several medical studies that shaving is not a contributing factor in the regrowth of hair. Growing a beard takes patience and perseverance. However, one can increase the rate of beard growth by eating healthy/ exercising, moisturizing facial hair, and utilizing vitamins/supplements.  

Should I comb my beard when it's dry?

Combing your beard while it is dry can lead to beard breakage. 

Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm

Evan Alexander's beard serum and beard balm both contain natural oils. The beard balm includes beeswax which aids as a tool to style beards. Additionally, beeswax helps to seal beard split ends and splits along the beard strand line. Beard oil moisturizes skin beneath the beard and facial hair. Additionally, it provides a sheen and softens facial hair.

Moisturizing Conditioner vs Beard Balm

Our moisturizing conditioner hydrates facial hair, promotes strand elasticity, manageability, and moisture retention. Our beard balm includes beeswax which aids as a tool to style beards. Additionally, beeswax helps to seal beard split ends and splits along the beard strand line. Beard balms also shield hair against environmental elements such as humidity, dry air, and cold weather. Furthermore, beard balms lay beard cuticle down and provides a reinforcement protection layer for the beard.

How do I stop my beard from itching and flaking?

To mitigate flaking and itching beard should be washed 1-2 times per week with beard wash, maintain beard hydration, and apply My Serum on beard. Some of the ingredients in the beard serum have anti-inflammatory properties that will help repair, soothe the skin underneath facial care and soften the beard strands to reduce the irritation from growth.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, BMGD does ship internationally. Shipments crossing international borders are subject to the assessment of duties and taxes imposed by the importing country's government. Duties and taxes are imposed to generate revenue, protect local industries against foreign competition or both. In some countries, duties and taxes must be paid before the goods are released from customs. A shipment's duty and tax amount may be based on:

Product value
Trade agreements
Country of manufacture
Use of the product
The product's Harmonized System (HS) code

Customs officials assess duties and taxes based on information provided on the air waybill, the commercial invoice and other relevant documents.